WP Reviews & Reactions

A SEO-friendly and cleanly coded plugin to help your users react and review your website contents easily.


One-click Installation

It is very easy to install the plugin. You can just do it with a few clicks. 



You can easily navigate and implement every feature of the plugin on your website.



This plugin is highly secured and totally safe to use.

Give your audience a reason to Engage, React and Share..

Easy user reviews and reaction

WP Reviews and Reaction plugin allows you to easily add reaction and engagement buttons within your website contents. Increase your user engagement and get direct reviews from them with the help of our plugin. Let your customers react with emojis and Lottie animations. 

Our Plugin Has Abundant Features

WP Reviews and Reaction offers an abundance of functionality and customization choices. Integrating the plugin with any of the WordPress themes is simple. It will function flawlessly on your website because of its clear coding and excellent SEO optimization.

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Set Up easily

Easily set up your feedback and review options with the help of our easy to navigate interface.


Our plugin is coded with your security in mind.

SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly plugins will help you rank highly on SERP

Super Fast

With our plugin, your users can react with animations like emojis, and Lottie's.

More Awesome Features

Embedding customer reviews

Our plugin allows you to directly embed customer reviews on your website. This way, other visitors can see what others think about your products.

Mobile Friendly

Our plugin is mobile friendly as well as compatible for all the medias.

SEO Optimized

Our plugin is fully SEO optimized which will help you to boost your ranking on search engine and also load faster than other plugin.

Amazing Page Speed

Our plugin are well optimized for page speed

Robust Rating Systems

Our robust rating system allows your users to provide feedback using stars, thumbs up/down, or other visual indicators.

Awesome Support

We provide top-notch plugin support to configure our plugin. If you have any problem setting up the plugin or using any features, don’t be afraid.

Key Features

WPPlugify is packed with dozens of cool features inside.

Free Vs Premium

WPPlugify is packed with dozens of cool features inside.

Features Free Premium
Responsive Design
Animated Reactions

Reaction Templates
Advance Star Rating Options
Priority Support