Terms And Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (“T&C”), which are subject to change at any moment without notice, apply to you as user of WPPlugify’s plugin services. You can review the most current version of the T&C at any time on this page.

By purchasing a subscription from WPPlugify, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions described below.

Plugin License

All our WordPress plugins are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Plugin Subscription

We offer lifetime or one-year subscriptions for all of our premium plugins. With a one-year subscription, you can visit the support forum and download updates up to a year following the purchase date. You will, however, need to renew your subscription after a year in order to keep receiving updates and gain access to the private support forum. However, using the theme on your website has nothing to do with this membership. Without having to renew your subscription, you can use it on your website for as long as you choose.

Plugin Subscription Renewal

Every one of our premium plugins includes one-year subscription renewal. The renewal subscription is optional, but we recommend you get it renewed if you want to get updates on the plugins and support forum access.


Our plugins are guaranteed to run on the latest stable version of WordPress. We reserve the right to reject support requests for problems that occur after plugin files have been modified or third-party plugins have been installed.

Plugin Updates

Plugin updates are available only to active members who have made an individual plugin purchase or have a support membership.

Our plugins are constantly updated to be compatible with the latest stable version of WordPress. Please ensure that you always use the most current version of our plugin.

Plugin Compatibility

Our plugins are developed and fine-tuned for WordPress 4.0 or higher, any version prior to that may have problems with some plugin functionality. The minimal requirement for our plugin is the same as for WordPress, which is version 5.2.4 or greater (recommended: PHP 5.4 or greater) and MySQL version 5.0 or greater (recommended: MySQL 5.5 or greater). https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/

Browser Compatibility

Our plugins has been tested to work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 and above.

Plugin Support

Our plugin packages include support. After you purchase your plugin from this website, you will receive access to the WPPlugify support forums. There you can post any pre-sales questions and plugin-related problems, indicating your WordPress version and the URL of the site the plugin is installed on. But we don’t offer support via email or otherwise for installation, customization, or administration of WordPress itself.

Price Changes

WPPlugify products reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a subscription (or any part thereof) with or without notice.

Refund Policy

Since WPPlugify is offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods we issue refunds case by case basis only. Refund has to be processed within 14 days of purchase order. But first our sales and support will try to solve your issues and if you are not satisfied then we will refund issue.

Visit our Refund Policy page to learn more about our policies for refunds 

Note: Refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use the purchased products.

We stand behind our products and will assist you in solving any problem you have, but we also expect you to adequately understand what you are purchasing and why. If you have any sales related question, you can ask at info@mysterythemes.com.

The cases where you are eligible for a refund:

  • You discover a bug in our product and don’t receive assistance to fix it in a day. To receive assistance via live chat, you must provide your email address.
  • If despite creating a ticket via the support form, you are not receiving assistance.
  • If any of the functions listed in the documentation are broken and our support team does not able to fix it for you

The refund may not be given:
If the item is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:
– You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it.
– The item did not meet your expectations.
– You simply change your mind.
– You bought an item by mistake.
– You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item or
– Your ask for goodwill
– Refund is not valid for Theme Bundle purchase.

Refund for Automatic Renewals Payments?

We cannot grant refunds on renewal payments.

For annual subscriptions, we will attempt to send you a renewal reminder email 30 days prior to your renewal date, and you may use this opportunity to cancel your subscription before the renewal payment is automatically processed. Such a reminder would only be a courtesy, and depending on your email client, it could potentially end up in your spam box, so do not rely on that email; you alone are responsible for taking any action before a renewal takes effect. Just add yourself a calendar reminder.

Proration from a Lifetime License

Customers who purchased a lifetime plan will be eligible for a proration discount only if they update their plan within 30 days from the time of purchase.


  • If a user purchased a single-site lifetime pro license for $300 and upgrades to a 5-site lifetime pro license for $600 within 3 days of purchasing, they are only charged $300 for the upgrade.
  • If a user purchased a single-site lifetime starter license for $150 and after 6 days upgrades to a single-site lifetime business plan for $400, they are only charged $250 for the upgrade.
  • If a user purchased a single-site lifetime pro license for $300 and after 2 months upgrades to a 5-site lifetime pro plan for $600, they are charged the full $600.

To understand why lifetime upgrades aren’t just calculated as the difference in price, regardless of how long ago the original purchase was, the following two scenarios may help:

A customer purchases a lifetime license for $300. Then, after 5 years (intentionally exaggerated time for emphasis) decides to upgrade for a higher $500 plan. If you discount them with $300 it basically means that they’ve used your product/license/support for free for 5 years. If a different customer purchase that same lifetime plan for $500 at the same time the other user upgrades from the $300 to the $500 plan, they both end up paying the exact same amount in total ($500), yet the 1st customer already been using the product for 5 years.

Or another example, to drive it home (pun intended!). Let’s say you buy a car and then after 5 years decide to buy a more expensive one from the same brand. Would you expect to get your money back? No, because you’ve already used the product, which is analogous to receiving support (aka warranty).

Therefore, we have the 30-day time limit in place to protect from this edge case. 

Third Party Links

While trying to provide you complete web solutions, we may offer links to third party websites to which we do not have any control. Such links are offered just for your convenience and references only so that we are not responsible for any of the omissions or their use of your personal information. We do not endorse, recommend or vouch for the security of such websites. We recommend that you review their terms of service and privacy policies before accessing and using their services.

Photos Copyright Info

When viewing the plugin demos you will see several photographic images used. These photos serve as example images and also can be used by you. None of our themes come packaged with any copyrighted photography. The photos used in the demos are GPL licensed and can be used accordingly.

Ownership and Liability

All rights reserved. You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are the property of WPPlugify (wpplugify.com).

Refunds are not valid for plugin bundle purchases.